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    Google Penalises websites over no SSL

  • November 20, 2017
  • Website Design

    If you do not have an SSL in place on your website Google will penalise you, seems harsh right?

    That is right but before you get worried, the penalising does not involve someone from Google coming round to your house and putting you on the naughty step, they will only be punishing your website in their search engine and how it rank's your site as well as displaying notices when your website is being viewed within Google Chrome.

    Can this be serious?

    Yes, when Google launches Chrome 62 (which is the most current release today) you will start seeing a warning message that looks like this in your browser:

    site not secure notice

    Do I need one on my website?

    It is highly likely you will require an SSL certificate if you have any kind of input field (contact form) or capture visitors personnal details then we strongly advise you to get an SSL certificate in place.

    I do not sell online, do I still need an SSL certificate?

    Yes, we recommend you do, as per the item above. If you are collecting information you should have an SSL certificate installed

    How do I get an SSL Certificate?
    You can go ahead and shop around for an SSL certificate the same as you can when you search for a domain name. However, you are going to need some technical knowledge to install it correctly on your server. The main reason why you should contact Pebble to do this for you.

    How long does it take to install?

    Installing SSL certificates are pretty quick and can take a few hours. We need to go through a process of verification (to make sure you actually own the website you want the SSL installed on)

    What does it look like when I have an SSL certificate?

    Users can clearly see that you have a valid SSL installed. It will look like this below:

    secure address bar notice


    We appreciate that SSL certificates cost money but they do more than just keep you on the right side of Google, they will also encrypt information that is sent to and from your website visitors and if you can keep your visitors safe then this is a great thing.

    If you have any questions about an SSL Certificates or SSL on your website please contact Pixelsource on 0191 4234251 or get in touch with us through our contact page.

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