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    Does blogging help with SEO?

  • February 15, 2018
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    Does blogging help with my SEO? You've probably noticed how much we like to talk within our blogs here on Pixelsource - however there is a reason for doing so.

    A few years ago, blogging was a trendy way for people to post about their lives on the Internet. Now it's become a must-do for businesses of all sizes that want to gain traffic, grow their following, and improve their visibility in search engines.

    What has changed? Businesses realised quickly that blogging offers a great platform not only to prove their expertise in their industry, but also to improve their search engine optimisation, or SEO - and almost without even trying.

    If you have been wondering whether your business should jump on the blogging bandwagon, or how blogging can help your SEO, we can help.

    How Does SEO Work?

    In the past, when you wanted to find information about an industry, you might have consulted a friend, looked up a company in the phone book, or even gone to the library. Now, you can hop onto a search engine and type in a few keywords.

    The goal of SEO is to get your business to come up as close to the top of the search results as possible. If you run a construction business in Leeds, UK, you would want to rank #1 for the phrase "construction company in Leeds" or "builder Leeds," right? That's how SEO can help your business: it gets you closer to the top of search engines for these related phrases.

    SEO involves a number of different tactics, including adding relevant keywords to your website, gaining links from other websites, and optimising small elements like your page speed and length. SEO best practices are always evolving to keep pace with the search engines themselves, which frequently reevaluate how they rank websites.

    The reason so many companies use SEO is to get a boost in traffic, which often leads to an increase in leads and conversions. Additionally, blogging is another way that a company can gain more leads, and that's why putting them together can create a powerful marketing program for your business!

    How SEO and Blogging Work Together

    Blog posts are helpful for your site's SEO for three main reasons:

    1. They provide fresh content for websites
    2. They offer great ways to work in the keywords you want to rank for
    3. They invite links from other high quality websites

    Let's take an in-depth look at each one of these factors, and explain how blogging can help improve your search engine optimisation.

    Google, the biggest search engine of them all, puts a high value on new, original content being added regularly to a website. This tells Google your site is active. It also shows that real, live people are behind the site who care about their visitors and what they want or need.

    Your blog may be the most frequently updated section of your website. This provides fresh content for search engines to index (that is, include in their results) on a regular basis. Additionally, it gives your followers, fans, or leads new information to digest and utilise in their daily lives.

    Fresh content doesn't just benefit search engines-it can also benefit your followers! So don't hesitate to add posts to your blog, because it can definitely aid with more than your SEO.

    Blogging Gives You a Great Way to Use Keywords

    Keywords are the backbone of any good website SEO campaign. These are the words or phrases people are most likely to type in when looking for a service or product you sell.

    For instance, if you are a plumber located in Edinburgh, Scotland, your keywords might include "plumber Edinburgh" or "Edinburgh plumber." But you will also want to use other phrases frequently used by people searching for a plumber, such as "blocked toilet."

    For these keywords to work, they must appear on your site in order for the search engines to notice them. Blog entries are a great place to use these keywords naturally and organically. You can even center blog posts around inquiries related to your business to pull in traffic and answer common questions.

    Someone looking for advice - or a plumber's help - might type into Google, "how to unblock a toilet." This makes a great blog post subject! But it also gives you an easy way to target keywords, which will make your site come up higher in searches.

    Your Blog Can Be a Huge SEO Asset!

    So can blogging help you improve your SEO? Yes! Blogging can assist with achieving better results for you in search engines, as we have shown.

    However, you should also be aware that blogging can help your marketing in other ways. With a blog you can also:

    • Build your social media following
    • Increase the likelihood that a new lead will see you as trustworthy enough to contact
    • Improve your company's reputation in your industry
    • Share images, which offer another opportunity to rank in searches (ex. in Google Images)

    The most important thing for any blog is maintaining a high level of quality. If you are offering your potential customers smart, actionable information they cannot find anywhere else, this also helps to improve your company's reputation. That's an intangible benefit that is not tied directly to SEO, but can help your business improve in many other ways.

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