We strive to create brands that your customers will love for years to come

Building your new brand is so much more than design a nice logo. It's about creating the right ambience,persona and striking the right tone to enable you to develop lasting relationships with your target audience for many years to come.

Imagine for a moment that your business is a person... what would their personality be like? How would they dress? Who would be their best friends? These are all strange questions, however they are valid questions that need to be answered and will lead us to paint a picture of you, but more importantly how your customers should perceive your business.

    Project Slate Image
    Project Slate Image

    Creating the right brand for your business

    At Pixelsource we create brands for businesses, products and events from London to New York. Our portfolio includes work from a range sectors and each brand has their own distinct values and audience. No two identities are ever the same and as such the process can vary from project-to-project but each starts with a chat and coffee.

    During our conversations we'll look to get to grips with how your business operates, your goals for the future and gain a detailed insight into your customer base. From this information we'll produce a profile of your business forming the basis of a design brief for your new brand identity.

    Pixelsource is the type of service supplier every successful business needs, responsive, effective and above all transparent; we at CWP look forward to a continued relationship.

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The logo design process

Once we are equipped with a thorough understanding of your proposed brand, it is upto us to give it a face. The logo design does not need to encompass everything we have spoken about upto this point and it is not necessary for your customers to know the whole ins and outs of your complete business from this single image alone. At this point we are looking to capture the essence of your business personality, after all how you use your logo and what it sits alongside it are of equal importance.

We believe that choice is of great importance and we do not limit the number of concepts we share with you feel that they meet the brief and they will work well for your business. Typically we will present at least 3 logo designs for discussion and will develop your prefered option until you are totally happy with your new logo design.

    What happens once i've signed off my new business logo design?

    Once complete, we'll go ahead and produce your logo pack. This will provide you with all the file types and variations that you will require for print, web and social media going forwards. We will also share a breakdown of the typeface(s) used and colours used within your new logo as well as any supporting colours agreed during the design process.

    As we mentioned earlier on the page, your logo design is just the first step in developing a memorable brand and it really is how you use your logo that counts. To really build your image it's important that your web presence, printed materials and shared content all receive the same care and attention.

    If you would like to discuss your new brand or learn more about our other services please do get in touch on 0191 4234251 or 07394634593