Why I Wont Buy From Your Store


      There are a few fundamental things that you need to do to turn your ecommerce website from zero to hero with very little time commitment and a firm plan. Here we run through the top six things to focus on (to get you started).

      Step 1 - Product Photos
      Gone are the days when you need to optimise images to make them smaller, nowadays broadband speed is super fast, make sure you get hi-resolution photos of your products into your website and let your website do the leg work when rendering them. Your customers expect a high quality product, therefore deliver a high quality photo of it.

      Step 2 - Content Is King
      Did you know that an average users spends less than 6 seconds focussing on the text on your website? This means you have very little time to make the right impression. Ensure you have the most important text at the top, big enough to read and easy enough to understand. Try not to get hung up on what Google thinks and SEO elements of your page.

      Step 3 - Make Sure Your Cart Works
      This may seem like a no brainer but you would be surprised to hear that we have come across lots of ecommerce websites where the cart doesn't allow the user to checkout properly. That equals no sales and no revenue. Have a run through and try and buy something on your website to make sure everything is ok. Try and target ways to get your customers through the checkout process quicker and easier.

      Step 4 - Go Mobile!
      If you haven't done so already your website should be fully responsive, by this we mean that shoppers can buy your products just as easy on a mobile device than they can on their desktop computer. Have a go yourself to make sure everything is in place and working how it should be. If it isn't then you have a problem, contact Pixelsource today.

      Step 5 - Introducing Videos
      Some say a picture says a thousand words, well video tells a whole lot more. Invest some money in providing videos for your products. This will allow you to deliver so much more information to your customer. As an example, if you are selling bikes, think of the impact that a video will make if your customer can see the bike in action. Also, if it is a technical product think about providing commentry on the video instead of writing technical content.

      Step 6 - Ditch the stock photos
      You will have seen them, we are sure of it, nicely polished young men and women, smartly dressed with teeth that would require you to re-mortgage your house for. Have a think about your customer, identify and tailor the images accordingly. Don't be afraid to use photos of your staff, these are genuine and won't be so polished.

      We hope this small guide will get you thinking about converting more sales for your ecommerce website. For more information about selling online, visit our ecommerce page or for information about marketing effectively you can find this information just here or if you feel the time is right for a professional web design agency to get you moving in the right direction please contact Pebble on 0191 4234251, reach out to us on Twitter or email us via our contact form.



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