Why Does It Matter Where I Host My Website


      We know the importance of having a website available 24/7 and this involves everything from our daily backups, to our emergency generators and even our engineers who are permanently on call.

      All of our servers are ideally placed in the UK to serve up websites to your market, meaning they are much quicker for your website visitors. The servers we use are fully managed by ourselves and are housed in Secure Data Centre facilities. Each server is built in-house for the job at hand, allowing us to choose low voltage components to give equal or even better performance while drawing at least 70% less power.

      We aim to keep your data secure and your website safe from hackers by utilising hardened corporate firewalls and ensuring that our servers are well maintained and locked down to threats with the latest software and security patches.

      Personalised support, faster servers, and top customer satisfaction is just the beginning, and even better, we can host your site starting from just £105 per year (which works out as less than a tenner a month!)

      So, if you're finding that your site is sluggish, or you're paying through the nose to simply keep your site online, contact Pixelsource on 0191 4234251



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