What Is Google Plus?


      Google+ (also known as Google Plus) is an interest-based social network that is owned and operated by Google. It was founded on June 15th 2011 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, along with Bradley Horowitz as the Vice President Product. Many people compare Google+ to Facebook, however it is quite different. Although it is a social networking site, it differs to Facebook because it connects people within the context of many of Google's services.

      Just two weeks after it launched, Google+ reached 10 million users, and after a month, it reached 25 million. 28% of people that use Google+ are aged 15-34. The main gender of users is mainly male as 74% are male and only 26% are female. 55% of users are from the United States of America and only 5% are from the UK.

      In 2016, they had around 540 million monthly active users interacting with Google+, however it's been noted that almost half of its users don't visit the site at all and The New York Times likened it to a "ghost town". In fact, Google+ has received a lot of criticism since its launch, the media has even declared the network as obsolete. However, Google+ is a good marketing platform for businesses. Everything that is posted on Google+ for Business page is immediately indexed by Google. Therefore, the content that businesses post there, is more than likely to rank in search results.

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