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One of the most common questions we get asked at Pixelsource is how much does a website cost?

We wish this was an easy question to answer as web design can vary depending on what the actual requirments for the business or organisation are.

Here at Pixelsource we build bespoke websites that are custom designed and developed with your requirements in mind so costs can vary from project to project, nevertheless,with that in mind we have tried to set out below a guide on what your approximate cost maybe to try and help for budgeting purposes.


    • £99 - £500
    • A simple website that gives you a professional presence on the internet which is Google friendly.

    • [Brochure Websites]
    • £500 - £1,500
    • A website where you can login securely and make changes 24/7. A design that is bespoke for your company and is built to get you a return in investment.

    • [Brochure Websites]
    • £1,500 - £5,000
    • Much larger websites that require multiple authors.These are also website where you can sell products and services online. All these websites are custom designed and built for your business which set you apart from the crowd.

    • [Brochure Websites & Ecommerce Websites]
    • £5,000 - £6,000
    • Custom built applications like CRM solutions and mobile applications that are developed exclusively for your business.

    • [CRM Solutions & Mobile Apps]


Of course, the prices shown above are for illustration purposes only and we would urge you to speak to us first about your individual requirements.





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