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    Pixelsource provide scalable, flexible web servers that are built specifically for you and your website. We have been building website since 2005 and know the importance of having a reliable website hosting service 24/7.


    Physical Location
    All of our servers are based in the UK and are ideally placed to serve up websites to the UK market. Meaning they are quicker for your website visitors.


    They Pack a Punch
    We use ultra core Cisco Gigabyte Networks which are designed to meet the demands of Internet web hosting to ensure fast transfer speeds and an excellent web experience.


    Powerful Eco-Friendly Servers
    All of our servers are fully managed by ourselves and are housed in Secure Data Centre facilities. Rather than buy 'off the shelf' general purpose servers, each server is built inhouse for the job at hand, choosing low voltage components to give the same or better performance while utilising at least 70% less power.


    Secure Environment
    We aim to keep your data secure and your website safe from hackers by utilising hardened corporate firewalls and ensuring that our servers are well maintained, locked down, and protected from security threats with the latest software and security patches.


    Ensuring Services Are Online 24/7
    To ensure your website remains online 24/7 we make sure we have contingency plans and equipment in place, including 24/7 engineers, highly available servers, continuous server replication, daily backups, high availability multiple Internet Connections, hardware firewalls with failover, backup mail servers, external monitoring stations, tier 2 Data Centre built N+1 redundancy, backup generators, reduntant equipment and spare parts for every conceivabke situation that could arise.


    Unrivalled Support and Price
    Personalised support, faster servers and better services is just the beginning. Every day we look for ways to stay ahead of the competition by offering better options and new solutions as well as an extremely competative pricing structure tailored for your business or organisatios needs.


    If you would like to find out more about our website hosting services and how Pixelsource can help you, then why not give us a call on 0191 4234251 or use the form provided on this page to drop us an email.




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