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Responsive Web Design

A Responsive Web Design is the most powerful way to create mobile-friendly websites. You'll be pleased to hear that Pixelsource having been successfully building reponsive websites for a number of years since the emergance of internet users being able to use their smartphones to browse the internet. At Pixelsource we can help your website not only raise engagement and retention but to ensure that mobile browsing is not a barrier to your websites' success.



    How it Works

    The approach is that you only have one website that seamlessley scales to the user's behaviour and environment based of their device and screen size. This way we do not need to have a seperate mobile website.


    At Pixelsource we use some clever coding techniques to allow this to happen including a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. So we let the website do the work so your customers doesn't have to.






At Pixel Source we are passionate about delivering high quality websites that help enterprising companies and clients of all sizes reach their full potential. Get a free online quotation today for a full custom-built website, built and created by one of the UK's fastest growing web design and website agencies.

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